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In 2012 I made a super popular "Amazon Prime Review" YouTube video where I broke down the price structure and how much shipping you would have to do to get your money back. Things have changed significantly since then so I'm now writing this blog post for your reference if you want to see is [...]

The #1 thing on my Amazon Christmas wish list was the . I made the right choice. These are a great value at under $50! Plus they're super comfortable with great sound quality. Now I can pick up audio from my with no wires! I use these all the time --- I even make phone [...]

Last night I was watching for free on Amazon Streaming courtesy of Amazon Prime and I couldn't help but think of how good a deal I was getting. I love this show and I'm watching every episode in the season (regularly $1.99 per) for free.  Best of all, I'm in bed watching from my Kindle [...]

It's February 2014 and the jig is just about up.  Rumor has it Amazon might jack the price up on Amazon Prime $20 - $40 ($99 to $100+).  We're still in rumor stage but at some point a price increase is bound to happen. Look, Amazon products don't cost very much and Prime is a [...]

So you're wondering if you should get Amazon Prime in 2014.  I think you should.  Here's why: It's $79 a year.  That's the huge deficit we've got to overcome to legitimize the purchase. The first way to get your money back is the free shipping.  You get free two-day shipping on any Amazon prime eligible [...]